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HomeGuard is a parental control and monitoring tool that is especially designed to keep kids from accessing content that isn't appropriate for them.

Once it's installed, the application will automatically block any attempt to access content that you've marked as inappropriate, whether that be pornography (which is restricted by default), violent content, something related to video games, or anything else.

In addition, the program keeps track of all of the websites that are visited and how long they are open. As if that weren't enough, it also has a tool that silently takes screenshots every so often, as well as an email, chat, and video game filter.

In theory, HomeGuard is impossible to trick, as it will detect the use of proxy servers and request the administrator password every time someone tries to change its settings or uninstall it.

All of this makes HomeGuard a very useful tool for parents that are worried about what their kids might be doing online.

15 day trial.

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